Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ranflas Photoshoot

This photoshoot was done a while back for a new magazine called "Ranflas."  This magazine never made it to print so here are some of the outtakes.  The model's name is Stephanie Friery who I have lost contact with her over the last couple of years.  Some of these shots have never been posted, so enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Flyers/Business Cards Design & Print

Need flyers for your show or event...I am doing 5,000 4x6 flyers right now for only $275. (Normally $325)  This includes front and back design, shipped to your door.  Payment can be taken by credit card through paypal. Please email if interested...

Business cards 1,000 business cards for only $75. (Normally $110)  Front/Back gloss print to your door.  Below are some samples of my work.

Prices subject to change, please send email if interested.  App. 2 week process from order date to your door.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

360 Car Show

I took a quick trip to the 360 car show here in Vegas yesterday.  I got there at the end of the show, it was a lazy day and could not get motivated to leave the house.  But eventually I made it out there and snapped a few pics.  I'm not a racer by any means but I wouldn't mind driving a few of these rides.

SEMA 2011

This was my first year at SEMA and thanks to my friend at Visual Underground (Juan Arita) we were able to get in the show before everyone else.  It was a little overwhelming to have the whole floor to ourselves, but I tried to make the best of my time.  It was an amazing site to just walk and take in what the show had to offer from exotics, classics and concept cars.  For me being a lowrider at heart, it was cool to finally see Mister Cartoon's ice cream truck in person.  Just when you think you are finished sifting through the buildings, you go outside and there is a DUB show outside with more top notch rides.  Well below are some of the pics from the show, hope you enjoy!

The SCION Concept car was looking pretty hot

                                                                  Pontiac Trans Am

Mister Cartoon's Ice Cream Truck - 10 year build

2 Door Charger
Wouldn't mind having this in my garage

One bad Caddy